Our Investment Criteria

We back proven management teams who have: 

  • Clearly differentiated product and service offering
  • A strong product-market fit
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Sustainable annual cash flow of at least $3 million
  • Market-sector leadership
  • Management team continuity
  • An executable business growth plan


Long-Term Investment

Our portfolio companies have a record of proven performance. To create additional value, we work closely with leadership, helping them focus on their core competencies to accelerate top and bottom-line growth.

We review and consider different pathways to successful exits, by:

  • Observing market evolutions, understanding competitive advantage, and tracking sector consolidation trends as indicators of exit timing.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with middle market private equity firms and strategic acquirers.
  • Assessing opportunities for partnership via mergers or joint ventures.

Our goal is to own and operate portfolio companies for the long term, by:

  • Helping companies generate consistent cash flow from a foundation of recurring revenue.
  • Establishing organic growth plans tailored to increase same store revenue by a minimum of 3% - 5% annually.
  • Partnering with management to grow the next generation of leadership.
  • Exploring expansion opportunities through M&A and organic strategies.


Operational Strategy

We support and develop management teams that focus on executing a concise effective operating strategy.

Sales and Development Planning

  • Client expansion providing access to broader networks
  • Annual budget preparation to define and drive organic growth
  • Establish sales and marketing strategies that grow market share and contribute to geographic expansion
  • Opportunistic M&A when it’s the “right deal at the right time”

Operations and Growth Objectives

  • Develop sound operational directives and executable growth plans
  • Measurable management goals based on benchmarks and metrics
  • Sector specialization, bringing resources and professional guidance to assess performance while identifying growth opportunities

Financial and Operational Analysis

  • Provide financial budgeting and planning resources
  • Refine RCM model and internal reporting functions
  • Couple rigorous analysis with experience to help position companies as industry leaders that are clearly differentiated in the market


Our Approach

We apply a disciplined approach with each investment we make:


We buy businesses who are market leaders with a proven track record of consistent growth and cash flow.


Our investments are focused on healthcare, industrial, and business services, but we maintain the flexibility and appetite for sector-agnostic investment opportunities as they arise.


We primarily invest in companies in regions of the United States that are business-friendly.


Investment Footprint

Sopris Capital Logo

A single family office sharing a unified culture, while having three distinct investment disciplines and strategies:

Sopris Venture Capital Logo

Expertise in organic growth strategies that are built upon having the pulse on disruptive technologies; while maintaining a familiarity with the complementary technologies needed to help drive margin improvement in mature industries.

Denver, CO | Miami, FL
Sopris Private Equity Logo

Financial/Debt Capital markets acumen and experience in business transformation that benefits from maintaining an experienced network of operators. This diverse ecosystem of expertise helps inform long-term investment and operational strategies, in order to improve margins and create value.

Dallas, TX | Charleston, SC
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20 plus years of experience investing in real estate, across different asset types, strategies, deal structures, and geographies, with an extensive national network of operating and capital partners and family offices.

Aspen, CO | Charleston, SC